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Inclusive Education for Children with Down Syndrome – Inclusion in education – the benefits and keys to success

Implementing Inclusion – National Down Syndrome Society "Almost thirty years of research and experience has demonstrated that the education of children with disabilities can be made more effective by having high expectations for such children and ensuring their access to the general education curriculum..." This article discusses and cites research as to the benefits of inclusion for students with special needs. It notes some of the barriers to inclusion and provides additional references.

“Questioning Removal, Rejection and Exclusion” by Paula Kluth – Paula Kluth questions the removal and ramifications of such rejection that children with disabilities often face in their schooling. 

The Educational Challenges Inclusion Study – This study examines inclusive practices and factors that influence its success. There is informative discussion regarding specific learning, grading and classroom strategies.

Inclusion's Impact on Children without Disabilities – What the research shows so far about inclusion's effect on typical children. Information from the National Institute for Urban School Improvement.

Down Syndrome Inclusion Research Study – A comparison of mainstream and special education for teenagers with Down syndrome: Implications for parents and teachers

Social & Peer Relations

Making Relationships a Priority, Paula Kluth - Friendships are a critical component for any student. Children with special needs often need more scaffolding and assistance in forming friendships. This article discusses ways in which teachers can provide opportunities to foster friendships.       

Peer Mentoring Programs and Childhood Disability, Pamela Wilson

Curriculum Modifications & Adaptions

Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Making learning accessible and engaging for all students, NEA policy brief – UDL helps ALL students have full access to curriculum. In today’s dynamic, diverse classrooms, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) offers all educators and students an exciting opportunity to use strategies and technologies that bridge the gap in learner skills, interests and needs. By accommodating students’ different learning styles, UDL is able to transform instruction into a more engaging, meaningful experience.   

Example Curriculum Adaptations: Our guide to curriculum adaptations.