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Webinars & Workshops
Webinars & Workshops



Upcoming Webinars & Workshops


Two-Part Webinar Series on New Regional Center Service Offering!

The Regional Center is rolling out the self-determination program in June, and all clients will be eligible, regardless of age! Traditionally, the Regional Center has offered clients certain services at their discretion. Under self-determination, clients will be able to choose their services and providers. This goes well beyond the standard physical, occupational, and speech therapy the Regional Center has traditionally provided. Self-determination will allow your loved one to access all kinds of therapies and supports. A few examples are nutritional consultation, massage therapy, chiropractic care, service animals, camping programs, art and recreation programs, communication supports…and the list goes on and on.

DSCBA is hosting a two-part webinar series on this very important change to your Regional Center services. To effectively use the self-determination program, it’s important to understand person-centered thinking & planning, in which the Regional Center client's entire team works together to build a plan for success. This is the subject of the first webinar. The second webinar will cover all you need to know about the self-determination program.

PART 2: Saturday, June 12, 10-11:30pm PDT

Self-Determination: Vision, Value & Rollout for Californians with ID/DD



Past Webinars and Workshops

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Past Webinars

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