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Augmentative Alternative Communication - AAC

Expression Connection

Expression Connection is a program of the DSCBA Educational Alliance. Through this program, we ensure that children who have communication and speech difficulty due to Down syndrome have access to Alternative and Augmentative Communication systems. It is our goal to make sure every individual is empowered and has the ability to communicate. We offer a lending library of AAC devices, consultations and training presentations. To learn more about the program, please see our information guide here. To schedule a consultation, please contact Reeni Krafft. Email: 


Thank you to the California Communication Access Foundation for giving the gift of expression to our members and education to their families and schools!

Low Tech Library

Children and adults with moderate to severe speech impairments benefit from alternative and additional ways to talk. Communication boards are a great low-tech AAC tool to quickly improve basic communication. These boards can also be utilized as visual supports to help with comprehension and/or following multi step tasks.  Explore our inventory here.  

How the library works

Find a board and print!  Select the pdf file, download it to your device and print.
Customize. Did you find a board that will work but needs a little personalization such as pictures, names, etc.? Customization of a board can be requested by submitting this form: